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Green tea oil and its medical and cosmetic benefits

Thanks to great researches made after the implementation of green tea in Europe in the XVII century, it has been discovered that GREEN TEA ESSENTIAL OIL, extracted from the distillation of non-fermented leaves of tea plant (Camellia Sinensis), is very rich in POLYPHENOLS, the substances in which lie all the beneficial properties. These substances are powerful antioxidants, even more efficient that vitamin C or E. Very useful to neutralise free radicals, polyphenols avoid these to attack cutaneous cells and therefore fight against skin ageing. The polyphenols also avoid the destruction of collagen and elastin. The latter two are the skin components responsible for impeding the appearance of premature wrinkles and the existence of flaccidity and slackening.

How about applying green tea oil to hair?

Korean scientists at the Seoul National University College of Medicine conducted research on mice, which showed that catechins (epigallocatechin-3-gallates) can promote growth in the hair follicles by stimulating dermal papilla cells to boost hair production, thus, preventing hair loss. The antioxidant properties of catechins also keep hair healthier, and make it grow at an optimum rate.

When applied to damaged, dyed, or chemically treated hair, green tea oil adds shine and smoothness to the hair.

Properties of the essential oil for the skin:

On the skin, green tea essential oil works as an anti-filtering agent that mobilises the lymph (it improves drainage and elimination of toxins). It is a general antiseptic that facilitates the re-epithelialization and protects the skin against damages caused by an excessive solar radiation. Green tea essential oil is an anti-free radicals, an antioxidant and a skin regenerating (anti-wrinkles, anti-ageing). This essential oil is very well-used in lymphatic drainage massages.

Research conducted in a hospital found that the polyphenols in green tea were effective in killing super-bugs. Green tea oil is also effective for treating acne on skin, as well as removing odour caused by bacteria and fungus present in underarm sweat.

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