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Who are we?!

• Al-Markazi Group was established in 1998 with the efforts of Dr. Mousa Khadra to serve the cosmetic pharmaceutical sector in Syria and the Arab region and to move towards globalization.

• Al-Markazi Group started to represent several Arab and local pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories.During this period, the Group contributed to the promotion and delivery of high-quality products to its valued customers.After international efficiency, experience and speed in customer service, the group started to manufacture products for its own benefit and continued distribution and distribution.

• In 2006, Al-Markazi Group renamed its Vita color hair dye factory to continue providing high quality products.

• In 2009, Al-Markazi Group, under license from the Syrian Ministry of Health, announced the production of natural oils and creams in the industrial city of Adra near Damascus to be the first in this area in the region.

• The desire of the founder of the group to serve the medical and cosmetic sector was achieved through wide local and regional spread through commercial representative offices within Syria and in the Arab region and North Africa supported by a pure consultative atmosphere in the country of incorporation Syria.