Propolis Oil for Children

Tact Propolis 20% with strawberry flavor for children



Tact Propolis 20% with strawberry flavor for children

Propolis is anti-bacterial, anti-fungi. It induces interferon production and resists hepatitis and influenza. Composition: – Propolis is complex, plant origin material. It consists of effective compounds  flavonoids – Flavin, vitamins, minerals, and 16 amino acids. and it is absorbable through skin. It is disposed through kidneys.


-Propolis oil is anti-bacterial. It is topically effective like natural penicillin and it is anti-fungal and anti-viral.

-It is used as a remedy for all infections. It stimulates immune system and sooths allergies.

-It is useful for hardening of arteries and fat increase. It liquefies blood, which prevents stroke for diabetics.

-It is useful for treating diabetes complications.

-It heals broken bones in cases of arthritis and rheumatic pain and rebuilding tissue.

-It is useful in cases of nose inflammation, flu, chest allergy, sinusitis, colds, tonsillitis and bronchitis.It is also useful in cases of asthma and allergic diseases mixed with pollen oil for treating allergic rhinitis and sinus congestion. Propolis drop is used with black seed oil.

– It is a general tonic which increases physical and mental activity and it is cancer cell inhibitor.

– It treats urinary tract and bladder infections and prevents kidney stones…

– It is used for dental and oral diseases.

_ It is a pain relief.

_ It treats ulcerative stomatitis.

it is internal antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and natural antibiotic which works against the pathogen in both ways. , propolis is taken alone as antibiotic or with other antibiotics, propolis effect stops virus infiltration into cells and that this effect is increased if propolis oil is mixed with black seed oil. – The most important effect is anti-oxidation. hardening of arteries, diabetes, arthritis and many skin lesions show excellent effects in oral and dental diseases.

Dosage: Take a teaspoon every day in the morning.

– Children who are over two years can take few drops every day.

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