Omega 3 Oil

‘- Omega-3 reduces cholesterol and increases good cholesterol HDL



– Omega-3 reduces cholesterol and increases good cholesterol HDL

Therapeutic properties:

– heart and vascular problems:
– For high cholesterol: omega-3 works against bad cholesterol with low density, which accumulates on blood vessels paries and works against destructive process of cell oxidation.
-For high blood pressure: It helps to re-adjust high blood pressure.
-Heart disease and blood clotting to prevent strokes through working against bad cholesterol
– Blood liquefier and helps blood flow through blood vessels and makes walls of red blood cells more flexible, which increases disengagement and administration of oxygen easily to muscle cells.
-To get rid of obesity: lack of essential fatty acids leads to feeling hungry and failure to obtain a good amount of fat body leads to a feeling of deficiency, which must be compensated by eating more food. To compensate that lack, omega-3 oils activates the process of fat metabolism so that, it can burn an additional quantity of fat.
– bowel and digestive system problems.
– Chronic bowel infection disease: it helps to renew intestinal walls and relieve the inflammatory mechanism.
Crowne disease: it reduces disease severity and prevents colon cancer.
– joints and muscles:
Joints and tendons: The lack of fatty acids is considered one of the key factors of rheumatism pain .It reduces swelling and skin infection caused by rheumatoid arthritis within months.
It reduces inflammatory tendon.
– respiratory system:
Asthma ,chronic bronchitis and emphysema
Omega-3 stops inflammatory mechanism of asthma and tissue damage and helps to improve breathing.
Use – brain and nervous system:
-It treats chronic fatigue and exhaustion
– It helps to moderate mood which is essential for nerve brain function.
– Memory: Omega-3 oil is one of the composites of nerve cell membranes and its links.
Depression: it was observed that people who eat food rich in omega-3 oil, their possibility of having depression is less than other people by 1 to 10. Omega-3 oil is very important for proper nervous system activity.
– prostate problems
It combats prostate cancer and chronic prostate infections for elderly.
Use -woman problems
For menstrual pain: it helps to prevent Albroostaglandinat release which increases muscle contraction.
-A tablespoon every day

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