Aloe Vera

The oil is rich with vitamin C, A, E, and various B-complex vitamins, along with key amino acids and minerals, such as calcium, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. There are also certain antioxidants, anthraquinones, and polysaccharides in this oil.



It is used for skin

  • For burns

Aloe vera oil is effective in treating mild burns like sun burn, as it soothes the skin

  • For acne

Aloe vera oil treats acne scars by regenerating skin cells. Anthraquinone in Aloe Vera oil stimulates the skin and promotes cell growth, which makes it useful in removing scars and making the skin appear bright and flawless.

Aloe vera oil has astringent properties that remove excess oils and fats as well as dirt from the skin, preventing the problem of exacerbating the problem of acne

  • others

It also treats rashes, psoriasis. Reduce itches and calm skin.

How to use:
aloe vera oil can be used by applying a drop to two on the burned skin or a skin problem, and then gently massage the area.

Aloe Vera oil helps constipation relive.

  • advised one tea spoon a day

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